Work Permit

In order for a foreign citizen to legally work in Thailand, he/she is required to have a proper work permit and the work permit must be sponsored by his or her employer. Work permit application is far from straight forward procedure. The laws give a lot of discretion to the officials, hence you should play safe and employ services of work permit specialists like us.

Visa & Permanent Residence

A foreign citizen must obtain a proper visa if he/she wants two stay in Thailand legally. Our visa specialists have extensive experience in visa application/visa extension, and we can assist you apply for a proper visa. Usually the visa is due for renewal yearly. However, if a foreigner has already been in Thailand for three years and would like to live here permanently, he/she might want to consider becoming a permanent resident of Thailand, rather than renewing visa every year.

Retirement Visa

Thailand has become an attractive place to spend the golden years of retirement. The friendly people, beautiful places around the Kingdom and affordable living expense make Thailand as popular destination for the exclusive living. If you think about retiring in Thailand, we can help you get a retirement visa.