The firm also offers services to private clients/individuals who require customized legal assistance on their private investment as well as family planning matters. Our team represents a growing number of individual clients in relation to issues concerning immigration, nationality and family law (marriage, divorce, child custody) and estate law (wills, probate, estate administration).

Property Conveyance

Our property conveyance services help clients get the deal closed smoothly and legally. We execute those transactions for clients. In addition, we also run land title/land exploration testimonial deeds search for the clients prior to any real estate acquisition to verify actual ownership and to ensure no mortgage/encumbrance on the land and obtain necessary permit for any land development.

Prenuptial Agreement

We draft the prenuptial agreement that protects your interests before anything goes wrong. The prenuptial agreement serves as a contract entered into by two people prior to their civil marriage that specifies how assets will be distributed in the event of dissolution of marriage.

Under the Thai Civil & Commercial Code, any income earned after the marriage is deemed to be the matrimonial property. Even the income in form of return from your separate estate is also deemed to be the matrimonial property, which your spouse is entitled to 50% of it. For example, your salary received after the marriage shall be the matrimonial property regardless whether your spouse works or not. The dividends, rents and interests that you receive from your stocks, condominiums, and bank deposit that you acquired before the marriage shall also be the matrimonial property.

While the statutory property arrangement serves most of Thais well, it might not serve the foreigners that well. If you are not comfortable with this statutory arrangement, you really need a good prenuptial agreement to opt out of the Civil & Commercial Code for protection of your interest.

Will/Testament While the Thai law of succession serves most of Thais well, it has a lot of aspects that are inappropriate for the foreigners living in Thailand. We draft up a will that is suitable to your needs. For example, without any children your common understanding that your wife shall get anything from your estate is probably not true if you happen to have some relatives, i.e. siblings, uncles or aunties back in your home country.

Marriage Registration with Foreigner

We help you prepare necessary documents to register for a marriage with a foreigner as well as advise you on common (matrimonial) property.

Other Nationality and Family Law services

We also help you with Nationality, Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, Estate Administration, etc.