Retaining the right Thai legal counsel in your commercial transactions helps you close your deal legally, securely and smoothly. We advise the clients on various commercial transactions. Our commercial lawyers have business mind and common sense, so we look into our clients’ situation not only from the legal viewpoint but also from the commercial viewpoint.

We have a wealth of experience in drafting, implementing, negotiating and enforcing the following type of contracts/agreements:

  • joint venture agreements/shareholders’ agreements

  • share purchase agreements

  • real estate agreements

  • commercial leasing agreements

  • equipment leasing agreements

  • loan agreements, guarantee agreements,

Assignment agreements

  • franchise agreements, license agreements, technical

Assistance agreements

  • distributorship agreements

  • construction agreements

  • services agreements, employment agreements

  • in-court settlement agreements, and compromise agreements


Our notary public is duly registered with the Lawyers Council of Thailand and therefore is authorized to certify documents as true copies of the originals or to verify signatures. Our notarial services are available in a convenient and prompt manner to assist our clients, either for the corporate legal documentations or for individual matters.

Our notarial services include:

  • Making a certified/true copy of original documents

  • Verify true signature

  • Certify true and correct English-Thai translations

  • Preparation of affidavits